Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Accessing Your Inner Guidance

listening to inner guidance, inner guidance
Let's face it: most of us would like to wake up one morning to find a note from God on the night table telling us exactly what we should be doing. This is especially true when things go wrong, when we have a difficult choice to make. We want answers, clarity. And since that note from God doesn't show up even after we implore the heavens, we turn to anyone with an opinion--psychics, therapists, clergy, spouses and so on --seeking advice, seeking answers.

And getting advice is good--except that in collecting everybody else's opinion, you may forget to consult the most important source of wisdom and insight and knowledge--yourself. I truly believe that each of us holds the ultimate wisdom for ourselves. We just need to learn how to access that wisdom and be fearless when answers come.

Here are a few techniques that might help you to discern your own inner voice:

1. Notice when your heart lights up. Look around your room and when you see something that you love, pay attention to all the sensations that thing elicits in you. Mentally describe how that object makes you feel, giving words to the sensations and writing your words down. Now look around for something that turns you off and do the same thing. Try repeating this in a room full of people, noting how your body reacts to people who draw you and people who repulse you. Use your reactions as a blueprint for creating your psychic radar device, letting it guide you to those things that light you up and away from those that make you uncomfortable whenever you need to make a decision, large or small.

2. Pay attention to your solar plexus. When you can't tell how you feel about something, put your hand over your solar plexus and quickly ask yourself, "Do I like/want this thing?" See if you get a hint of a "uh huh" or a "no."

3. Clear your mind and invoke. Pray, meditate, listen to music, walk in nature--do whatever helps you to clear your mind and go to that calm place within yourself. Once you reach that state, take out a notebook and try not to think. Just pose your question and start writing. Some of you may feel that the Divine guides your hand; for others, it will clearly feel like your own inner wisdom writes through you. It doesn't matter--the results will probably astound you. This method really works!

Once you get some hints that shed light on your dilemma, it makes sense to also draw on the wisdom of others. That's the time to assemble your support team for validation and to deepen your insights. But, of course, if the above methods don't work--don't wait. Reach out! Sometimes we do need others to lead us back to ourselves.

Many blessings,


Anonymous said...

Well, this post pretty much confirms my suspicions about being happy in one's environment, with who our friends are, and also the power of nature to chill us out and make us stop and think outside of the rat race many call "life"

For myself, I have only recently become self-aware, but it is such a wonderful thing when you do. When you actually listen to what your heart has been telling you when you have been fulfilling expectations and living a conditioned lifestyle as opposed to stepping outside of it all.

I am pleased to have discovered your blog, and I plan to grab a peanut butter sandwich and check it out at length.

Pleased to meetcha! Carl

Hiyaguha said...

Thank you for your comment, Carl. It certainly is a moment-by-moment challenge to listen soulfully within, instead frantically to the noise and pressure impinging upon us--but so very worthwhile. One moment at a time. Blessings, Hiyaguha